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It was exquisite in detail and craftsmanship. The boards surface was polished from years of use and was obviously well cared for. At each of the four corners stood a carved dragon,facing inward, holding a shield of quartz. The dragons were colored red, blue, black and white respectively. The white dragon held a shield of clear quartz as did the blue dragon in the corner diagonal to it. The black dragon held a shield of dark quartz. In the same manner, the red dragon bore a shield of dark quartz in its corner. The lettering of the board was of an artistic font and had definately been a painstaking job to create. Each letter had been hand set into the surface with great care not to alter the height or smoothness of the overall board in any way. The board had then recieved a coat of lacquer and this was repeated again and again until the smoothness of the board was unparallelled.

The whole board had been placed into a handmade case lined with a crushed velvet of deepest black. Also inside the case, there were the remains of two white candles and two black candles as well as their intricate holders. Next to these items was a small vial of pure salt. At the other end of the case, in a crushed velvet bag that was nearly invisible against the inside of the case, the planchette rested. Tucked safely away after every use, this tool was a work of art in itself. It was heart shaped with a hole at the pointed end. In this hole rested a piece of clear quartz, polished to the point that it served as a magnifying lens. The planchette was light to the touch and seemed to move of its own accord once out of the bag, leaping almost hungrily to the board, It was carved with exquisite scrollwork on the upper surface but polished unerringly smooth on the bottom.


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