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Listening, to a song so long forgotten, the words bring nothing with them but lost dreams.

In a daze, I stepped into the sunlight, got burned, forsook the daylight, Always.

In the night, I walk in search of Life. Forever in the dark but its my home.

Lost here, out amongst the shadows, creeping thru the nightmares and making terror grow. Darkness is my only friend now. It speaks my name I answer. For I am Chylde of Night.

Forever more, I sleep until the evening, No peace, but still the dreaming of Rest.

In my eyes, are the souls of myriad Ancients, tested by the fang, found wanting.

Evening falls, I awaken to the call. Taste the blood and wake to find you near.

Fang and claw, we walk on our own path. Nothings made to last, Forever.

In the end, everything is changing. Its always rearranging my soul.

Written by Larry Ray Palmer 10/22/2005

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