What are the important things in Life? How often have you taken the time to think about that seriously? An illustration to the point:

A man worked hard his whole life and amassed great fortunes, top properties around the globe, and the finest of possessions for his lot. In doing so, he neglected his wife and children with the though that "one day" it would all be worthwhile and he would have time to spend with them. His "one day" was 50 years in the making but it did finally arrive. He was now a man nearly 70 years of age... His youngest child had left home years earlier and his wife had left him when she didnt get the attention her and the children had needed for so many years. The man tried to call upon his now grown children and see his grandchildren of whom he had learned secondhand, yet they wanted nothing to do with him... even pretending to be away from home to avoid his visits. He went home to his lovely huge house, with all its grand adornments. He ate his fine meals alone. He sat with his hard earned fortunes and contemplated the true treasures that had evaded him. He died about a year later, alone.

Think about it... what is truly important? Did you take the time to kiss your mate this morning or hug your kid? Where are your treasures?

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